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We recognize the profound interplay between substance abuse and mental health disorders at Arms Acres. Our psychiatric services are designed to address this complex relationship with utmost sensitivity and expertise, ensuring each individual receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders

Substance abuse often intertwines with mental health disorders, creating a challenging dual-diagnosis scenario. At Arms Acres, we understand the intricate dynamics and the critical importance of integrated treatment. Our rehabilitation center isa grounded in the understanding that effective recovery requires addressing both substance use and mental health issues concurrently. This philosophy guides our comprehensive psychiatric services, ensuring holistic care that enhances overall well-being.

Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Upon admission to Arms Acres, each patient is assigned a dedicated case manager who coordinates a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. This team includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists, and medical staff, all collaborating to develop and implement a personalized treatment plan. Our approach is inclusive of:

  • Screening, Assessment, and Referral: We start by conducting a comprehensive evaluation to assess each patient's needs fully. This thorough assessment guides the creation of a personalized treatment plan specifically designed to meet those needs and circumstances.
  • Mental and Physical Health Consultation: Comprehensive care includes ongoing consultations to address mental and physical health concerns, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.
  • Medication Management: Our on-site psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners provide expert guidance and monitoring for patients who may benefit from pharmacological intervention. We prioritize medication safety and effectiveness in conjunction with therapeutic interventions.
  • Co-Occurring Group Therapy: Group therapy sessions specifically focus on addressing the challenges associated with co-occurring disorders. These sessions provide a supportive environment where individuals can share experiences and learn coping strategies.
  • Equine Therapy: We offer sessions as part of our holistic treatment approach. Interacting with horses under the guidance of trained professionals can facilitate emotional growth and enhance self-awareness, which is particularly beneficial for those struggling with dual diagnoses.

Enhancing the Treatment Experience

At Arms Acres, we are committed to enhancing our clients’ treatment experience at every stage of their journey:

  • Patient-Centered Care: Our staff is trained to be sensitive to the unique needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders. We prioritize empathy, respect, and dignity in all interactions.
  • Individualized Care Plans: Each patient receives a personalized care plan integrating psychiatric services with other therapeutic interventions. This tailored approach ensures that treatment aligns closely with each individual’s goals and preferences.
  • Family Involvement: We recognize the importance of family support in the recovery process. Family members are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions and educational programs to foster understanding and support for their loved one.
  • Comprehensive Aftercare Planning: Upon discharge, patients receive a comprehensive aftercare plan that addresses both substance abuse and mental health needs. This plan includes referrals to community resources, ongoing therapy recommendations, and strategies for relapse prevention.

Commitment to Excellence

Arms Acres is dedicated to providing paramount care for individuals facing the challenges of co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our:

  • Experienced Staff: Our team of professionals combines expertise in psychiatry, addiction medicine, therapy, and nursing, ensuring high-quality care.
  • Evidence-Based Practices: We adhere to evidence-based practices and continually evaluate our treatment protocols to incorporate the latest research and advancements in the field.
  • Accredited Facilities: Our facilities meet rigorous standards for safety, comfort, and therapeutic effectiveness, providing a supportive environment conducive to healing.

Contact Us

If you or a loved one is struggling with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders, Arms Acres is here to help. Our psychiatric services offer compassionate care and effective treatment solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to speak with a member of our admissions team and begin your journey toward recovery.

At Arms Acres, we believe in empowering individuals to reclaim their lives from the grip of addiction and mental health challenges. Let us support you on your path to healing and renewal.

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