Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have contact with my loved one while he/she is in treatment at Arms Acres?

Contact with the outside world is limited for our patients. A pay phone is available for patient use with a phone card at short designated times during the day once they are on a rehab unit. There is no payphone on the detox unit. Patients CANNOT receive calls on these pay phones. There are NO VISITING hours. The only time family can visit is during our family treatment program. Please see information on the Family Program. Patients can receive mail and packages. All packages will be searched and any contraband will be destroyed. The address is 75 Seminary Hill Road, Carmel, NY 10512. If there is an emergency and you need to get in contact with a patient, you can do so be leaving a message at the front desk. (800) 989-2676.

Can my family bring me food and snacks when they come for family treatment program?

Family members are asked to refrain from bringing food into the facility. There is no place to store this food/snack, and patients are not allowed to have food in their bedrooms. This is considered a health hazard and can lead to many problems. For those who require a special diet or dietary restrictions, our staff dietician will help develop a personal meal plan.

Is there a barber or hairdresser available to Arms Acres patients for haircuts?

No this service is not available, and we ask that scissors, or clippers be left at home.

Does Arms Acres admit 24/7?

We do have the ability to do so, however it is strongly recommended that a phone screening be done with our Intake Director to make sure Arms Acres is the appropriate placement for the patient. The number to call is 888-227-4641.

How can I request a copy of my medical records?

Go to Click on Privacy and Patient Confidentiality. Print out the Authorization and Consent to Release Patient Records form. Fill it out completely. The patient must sign and date, even if the patient is a minor. The parent or guardian must also sign along with the minor. Fax the completed form to the HIM Dept at 845 704 6173. This fax machine is located in a secure locked file room that only authorized personnel can access. Expect to receive a response to the request within 10 business days. If the records are not going directly to an after care provider, there is a charge of .75 per page which must be paid prior to releasing records.

Is there anywhere I can purchase snacks, soft drinks or personal toiletries?

Arms Acres’ store is open several hours a day for small purchases. There is also an ATM available for patient use.

Is Arms Acres a locked facility?

Arms is not a locked facility. Patients are encouraged to complete treatment. We request that those patients that choose not to complete treatment find their own transportation home.

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