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Fitness / Recreation Program

We promote holistic wellness and recovery through our comprehensive Fitness and Recreation Program. Physical health and emotional well-being are interconnected, and our programs are designed to support individuals in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond their time with us.

Philosophy of Change and Improvement

Our philosophy centers around the idea that everyone has the potential for positive change. We emphasize that through embracing change, individuals can experience significant improvements in their overall quality of life. Our inpatient treatment center's Fitness and Recreation Program serves as a cornerstone in this journey, providing opportunities for learning new skills, developing coping mechanisms, and fostering habits that support sobriety and wellness.

Fitness Therapy Program

Our Fitness Therapy Program offers a diverse array of activities aimed at enhancing physical fitness and overall well-being. Participants engage in structured activities such as:

  • Volleyball and Swimming: These activities improve cardiovascular health and promote teamwork and social interaction within a supportive environment.
  • Exercise Routines: Our experienced fitness staff develops tailored exercise routines to meet individual needs and goals. Whether it's strength training, aerobic exercises, or flexibility workouts, our programs are designed to improve strength, endurance, and overall physical health.
  • Weight Lifting: Participants learn proper weightlifting techniques and progress through personalized routines aimed at building strength and muscle tone.

Participants receive ongoing support and guidance from our fitness professionals throughout the program. Progress is monitored closely, and participants are retested in their final week to celebrate their achievements and assess their physical improvements. Each participant receives a certificate of completion, recognizing their dedication and progress in the program.

Expressive Art Therapy

In addition to our fitness activities, Arms Acres integrates expressive art therapy into our daily recovery program. Art therapy provides a creative outlet for emotional expression and exploration. Through various artistic mediums and guided exercises, participants can:

  • Explore Creativity: Engage in artistic activities that encourage creativity and self-expression.
  • Connect with Inner Self: Art therapy helps individuals connect with their emotions, thoughts, and inner experiences in a supportive group setting.
  • Promote Healing: Artistic expression fosters healing and personal growth, offering a unique therapeutic approach that complements traditional talk therapy.

Our structured art expression program is facilitated by experienced art therapists who guide participants through exercises designed to inspire personal reflection and growth. This program enriches the therapeutic process by providing diverse emotional healing and self-discovery avenues.

Benefits of Our Programs

Participating in our Fitness and Recreation Program offers numerous benefits that contribute to holistic wellness and recovery:

  • Physical Health: Improved cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance contribute to overall physical well-being.
  • Emotional Well-being: Engaging in physical activities and artistic expression promotes stress reduction, emotional resilience, and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Social Connection: Through group activities like volleyball, swimming, and art therapy sessions, participants build supportive relationships and foster a sense of community.
  • Life Skills Development: Learning new skills and coping mechanisms enhances participants' ability to manage stress, maintain sobriety, and pursue a healthy lifestyle post-treatment.

Join Us at Arms Acres

Whether you are seeking to improve your physical fitness, explore your creativity through art, or develop essential life skills for long-term recovery, Arms Acres is committed to supporting you on your journey. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to guide and empower you through our comprehensive Fitness and Recreation Program.

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To learn more about our Fitness and Recreation Program or to schedule a consultation, please call 845-225-3400. Begin your journey towards holistic wellness, recovery, and positive change with Arms Acres today.

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