Patient Rights

Inpatient Contact Telephone #: 845-225-3400

IP Adult Rehab Program Director: Donna Williams

IP Detox Program Director: Patrick Fozard

ADOL Program Director: Earl Wiggins

IP Clinical Director: Angel Duncan

Associate Executive Director: Joanne Elliott

Quality Improvement Director: Kana Mahadavan

Manager of Quality Assurance: Nicole Riina

Patient Complaints and Privacy Officer: Darlene Polidoro


Outpatient Contact Information:

Outpatient Queens Clinical Director: Richard Zwolinski | P:718-520-1513

Outpatient Bronx Clinical Director: Kirsten Coveney | P:718-653-1537

Outpatient Carmel Clinical Director: Jason Gray | P: 845-225-6133

Outpatient Director of Operations and Quality: Thais Mitchell | P: 845-225-6133

Outpatient Executive Director: Kurt Brown | P: 845-225-6133


Regulatory Contact Information:

OASAS Patient Advocacy line, 1-800-553-5790

Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospital Organizations (JCAHO), 1-800-994-6610.

NYS Justice Center, 1-855-373-2122

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