Adult Rehabilitation

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Arms Acres utilizes an evidenced-based curriculum which includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), Trauma Informed Care, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), and a patient-centered approach.

When clinically indicated our clinicians utilize a “trauma-informed” approach to treatment.

Women’s Program

At Arms Acres, we recognize that women with substance use disorders have special issues and needs that often contribute to their dependency.  These issues must be resolved to begin the recovery process. Being wives, mothers, daughters, workers (superwomen) sometimes leads to or exacerbates addiction problems. For this reason, we offer a Women’s Program that is specially designed to address the unique interests and concerns of the addicted woman.

Arms Acres Women’s Program creates a therapeutic environment for women to explore the issues unique to them. Closed discussion groups, separate fitness classes, and AA meetings are attended by program participants. Our counselors are sensitive, professional women devoted to the needs of women in recovery. We provide a strong fitness program, including swimming and yoga to promote healthy lifestyle guidelines and healthy stress release. 

Men’s Program

Arms Acres offers discrete units for adult males suffering from the disease of chemical dependency.  A variety of services are provided in an intensive environment which promotes and support physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  Patients are empowered with a sense of hope and improvement and are prepared and encouraged to address their substance use as well as other identified social determinants effecting their health.  We provide a strong fitness program, including swimming and yoga to promote healthy lifestyle guidelines and healthy stress release. 

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Co-Ed Program

Arms Acres offers a designated environment of care, to provide clinical treatment to men, women, or non-binary individuals seeking treatment. The patients placed on this unit, are individually screened to ensure safety of those participating. This environment of care promotes a healthy recovery program to address social determinants and provide an individualized treatment level of care. This unit provides and environment to empower those participating a foundation for early recovery. Patients are provided a strong fitness program, including swimming and yoga to promote healthy lifestyle guidelines in addition to self-help groups and individual and group therapy. 

Our Adult Rehabilitation programs includes:

  • Evaluation/Assessment/Diagnosis
  • Family Treatment Program (individual and individual family sessions)
  • Workforce programming
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Group
  • Nutrition Education/Dietary Needs Addressed
  • Family Treatment Program
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Stress Management & Anger Reduction
  • Therapeutic Recreation – Including yoga and swimming
  • Art Therapy
  • Readiness for Discharge Group
  • Equine Therapy
  • Cultural Awareness Education
  • Enhancement of Mutual Aid Groups to include 12 Step Programming and Smart Recovery
  • Strong and Individualized Aftercare referrals
  • FULL DAY – individualized Sessions And Groups Sessions Arranged By Zoom
  • Seeking Safety Modality

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